One of YOLK’s core values is “Solar for Everyone”.

In line with that philosophy, the team prepared for this project by delivering and installing a Solar Cow at a primary school in Pokot, Kenya and gave power banks that can be charged from the Solar Cow to the students.

Solar Cow is made to solve the very specific problem, Child Labor.

In Sub-Saharan Africa, child labor prevents one in five children from attending school. That’s twice the global average. Because the Child Labor is deeply related to economic aspects, the Solar Cow is devised as a way to reward children for going to school and their parents for sending them.

When kids arrive at school in the morning they just attach their batteries where the cow’s udders would be. At the end of the school day, they can leave with the full supply of valuable electricity.

With the Solar Cow, families can save 10~20% of the income they used to spend for charging cell a phone. The most important part is that parents must send their children to school to get free electricity because the school is where the source of electricity is.

Before and after the Solar Cow.

The problems of child labor, education, and energy infrastructure are complex and widespread in developing nations. Usually, each problem is addressed separately. However, YOLK recognized that these three problems are deeply intertwined.  By creating the Solar Cow project, YOLK is able to chip away each of these problems simultaneously.

Creative solutions based on love and dedication can result in real change. But, we need your help.

Let’s do it together.