Solar Paper + Pouch_

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  • What’s in a package : Solar Paper, pouch, string (for hanging), panel connectors, manual.
  • Basic specification.
  1.    About 23.7 solar cell efficiency.
  2.    USB Output : 5V, 500mA per panel, regulated.
  3.    Dimension : Main (9 x 19 x 1.1 cm), Sub (9 x 17.4 x 0.2 cm)
  4.    Weight : Main 75g, Sub 65g
  • Flat shipping fee : $22

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Charge any devices via USB cable.

Solar paper can charge almost any device that recharges via USB, including, smartphones, tablets, walkie talkies,flashlights, portable game consoles, cameras, video cameras, and rechargeable batteries.

Charge Anywhere Under the Sun.

For Solar Paper, we’re manufacturing the latest and most efficient solar panel. Because of this, Solar Paper is the world’s smallest solar charger for the amount of potential wattage it can generate. Solar Paper can reliably charge your smart- phone in about 2.5 hours on a sunny day. That’s about the same as a wall charger.

Easily Expandible Using Magnets.

Solar Paper allows you to expand it in the future if you need to charge larger devices. Our design solution was to create a set of folding solar panels held together using strong magnets. Only need two panels and want to save some weight? No problem. Just bought a tablet and need more wattage to charge it? Also not a problem. There are a couple of other advantages of using magnets in Solar Paper, too. First, there’s no wear and tear on seams when you fold or unfold the panels, greatly extending Solar Paper’s life. The magnets are also quite strong, so you can use them to mount Solar Paper to metal objects, as shown in the picture

Hanging Solar Paper on a backpack.

Use holes on every corner of solar panel. Connectors for holding solar panels together will be included.

Thin, Lightweight and Durable.

Solar Paper measures just 9 x 19 x 1.1 cm when folded, and each panel weighs only 65~75 (2.5 oz). Watt-for-watt, it is 70 percent smaller and lighter than our closest competitor. Most importantly, Solar Paper is just 1.1 cm deep, at its thickest point, compared to 3.8 cm for our competitor, easy to carry it!

Water resistant.

The solar panel of Solar Paper are is water resistant. Thus, splashing water shall have no harmful effect. However, an USB part is susceptible to corrosion so make sure to dry it well after exposure to water. If the panels have been exposed to seawater or water with salinity, rinsed the panels with clean water and dry. Water resistant level IP54.

Amount of solar power through LCD.

For Solar Paper, we’ve included an LCD amp meter that shows exactly how much current is flowing from the charger to your device at any time. It would let you see how the panel performs under different weather conditions.

Convenient Auto reset.

Unlike other simple devices with a battery, smart devices like smart-phones and tablets would not accept low current caused by insufficient sunlight. In this case, devices have to be manually reset. That means that users have to unplug and replug the cable every time a cloud passes overhead or you walk through a shadow. This is very inconvenient.

We wanted to make Solar Paper as easy as possible for anyone to use, so we have integrated ‘auto-comparison technology’ into the charger, to make it automatically resume powering your devices, after the sun starts soaking it again

Solar Paper 솔라페이퍼

Flat shipping fee : $22

Parcels are mainly shipped by FedEx. Depending on the destination country, DHL or EMS(International service) can be used.
It will be delivered within few days from the date you order.
*please note that Tax can be charged depending on your country’s custom.


Basic setting

To generate power with solar energy, it is really important to meet the conditions below:

  1. Use Solar Paper outdoor under direct sunlight. Solar Paper does not work with artificial lights. Light through the window might generate power, but is not recommended.)
  2. Sunny day. (Clouds and polluted air are not ideal)
  3. Setting: Place the panel perpendicular to the sunlight.

You can check the numbers displayed on LCD screen. Bigger the number, better the condition of sunlight and better the position for the setting.

  1. Check the connection of the panels. Refer to the enclosed guide to Solar Paper, which shows how to connect panels.
  2. Make sure that the metal connectors are clean without any metal debris, since it could hinder the flow).

If it doesn’t work properly even after fulfilling the conditions above, please take short video showing how you set Solar Paper, condition of sky (It is mainly to check the intensity of sun light), and LCD screen. With the video we can diagnose the problem and give you better advice.

You can find answers to the most common questions in the enclosed guide to Solar Paper. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any inquiry. ‘Contact menu’

(USAGE) Under what circumstances can I use it?

As Solar Paper can generate electricity anywhere under the Sun, it can be used as a useful electricity source in outdoor, remote and disaster areas, where there is no electricity available.

(CHARGE) What electronic products can be charged?

Any product that can be charged with a USB cable can be charged by Solar Paper.

Examples are iPhone, Samsung, or any smartphones, MP3, portable chargers, digital camera (GoPro, mirrorless) and battery chargers. For tablet PC, 10Watt should be used.

What is an ideal setting and how do I know?

The best is to let the panel facing directly toward the sun, on a clear day outdoors.

Through the numbers on the LCD screen, it is possible to check the power generation changes with the direction and angle of the panel. The higher the number, the higher the power generated. The highest power is possible when the sunlight and the panel form a right angle.

Is it possible to charge while riding a bicycle or climbing, by hanging Solar Paper on a backpack?

Sure. However, as the direction of sunlight would change frequently, it can cause a frequent auto reset, which may result in discharge. For this reason, if it is difficult to get steady sunlight, we recommend you to charge the solar paper to the portable charger, and then charge the device using the portable charger.

Is it possible to charge by the sunlight coming through the window or by artificial lights?

It does not work with artificial lights. Also, if you are charging through a window, the charging rate is to be slower than under the direct sunlight. This is because of the refraction of sunlight by window glasses. Especially, if you have an anti-UV film on the window, the power generation may not be smooth.

Does it charge even if I go under the shadow?

Due to the nature of solar chargers, which uses sunlight as an energy source, generation stops when sunlight does not enter the panel if there is a shadow. However, in order to solve the problem caused by not resuming charging even after the shadow disappears, the auto reset function is designed—which resets automatically within a few seconds after the shadow disappears—so that you can enjoy solar charging without worrying about a shadow. This is a unique technology that only YOLK has.

(CHARGE) An “Unsupported Accessory” message appears on iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

These messages may be displayed when the sun is weak or unstable, which may prevent the battery from charging smoothly. Please check the LCD screen if there is sufficient electricity generated or the appropriate solar paper is connected to your equipment. (In some cases, a message may appear even if the USB cable is counterfeit.) If you do not have enough sunlight, you can collect the energy by connecting the solar paper to a portable charger if it is not enough to charge your smartphone.

(CHARGE) How long does it take to charge?

When you connected a smartphone (iPhone 7) to a Solar Paper 5Watt, you can charge your smartphone in two and a half hours when exposed to direct sunlight on a sunny day.

10Watt produces the proper current to charge tablet PCs, and it may take 4.5 hours on a clear day. (Please refer to the image “How to pick right Solar Paper”)

Can higher watts charge faster? What makes 5W, 7.5W, 10W and 15W different?

It is not as fast as charging from a wall socket.

On a clear day, charging speed for 5W and 7.5W are not significantly different. However, if you try to charge on a cloudy day, 5W charging speed will be slower. If you want to charge devices on a cloudy day but want to charge with the speed as that of on a sunny day, then use more panels, 7.5W or 10W. (However, the exact speed may vary depending on the cloudiness.)

Explanation of difference in equipment that can be charged according to wattage

(MAGNET, EXPANSION) How many panels can I extend?

When we first designed Solar Paper, we designed 4 panels (10W) based on 10W, which is the charging specification of Tablet PC, which needs the highest output power. We received a request to make it possible to connect more than four panels. In response to these consumer requests, Solar Paper is designed to connect up to six panels. (2.5 W per panel x 6 = 15 Watt)

(CHARGE) Can I store energy in Solar Paper?

Solar paper only converts sunlight into electricity but does not store the generated energy.

However, if you connect the portable charger to Solar Paper, the generated electricity will be stored in the portable charger, so you can use the stored electricity even at night or when it is cloudy.

(CONNECTION) Is there a device that can fix the Solar Paper in addition to the magnet?

The package contains the connecting rubber and pins in a yellow cylinder case. In addition, an outdoor strap is included in the package as well. Using connecting rubber, pins and outdoor strap, you can hang Solar Paper on a backpack with panels secured.

(WATERPROOF) Is it okay to get wet with snow or rain?

The solar panel of Solar Paper is waterproof (IPcode 54).

Check the exact meaning of waterproof level IP54 from the link below.


The IP64’s 5 means it is capable of protecting against the ingress of fine dust, and 4 means that it is okay for Solar Paper to get wet or splashed in all directions.

If the part with the USB port is exposed to water, dry it well. If it is exposed to salty water or pollutants clean with clear water and dry it well.

What is the average lifespan?

It can be used for 5 to 10 years or more depending on how you handle the product. It is also good as an emergency power against disasters because the efficiency does not drop even if it is kept idle for a long time.

(SHIPPING) How long will it take to ship?

We mainly use FedEx Premium service. In some cases, we use post office EMS and DHL. (Please note that YOLK headquarter is located in Korea.) When using these services, it may take up to 3 to 5 days after ordering, or 2 weeks if delivery is difficult or delayed due to customs clearance.

(PURCHASE) Where can I contact you to change my address, cancel purchase or refund?

All orders will be processed and shipped as soon as possible, within 2 business days. Many orders ship on the same day. It’s difficult to change the address if you get a confirmation letter with tracking number. Cancellation is only applicable if you didn’t get order confirmation with tracking number. To cancel, please contact HERE.

(PURCHASE) Where can I find my product purchase history?

If you are a member, you can check your order history after logging in. If you are not a member, an email will be sent to the email you write when checkout after payment.

(REPAIR) What about After-sales Service?

If the defect is caused by mistake of the manufacturer, it can be replaced or repaired according to the condition of the product by applying the limited warranty for 1 year. However, scratches or problems caused by user’s carelessness are not applicable for After-sales Service.

(RESPONSES) How long does it take to get my question answered?

Questions asked on weekdays will be answered within 24 hours. If it is asked on weekdays, you can get the answer on the coming Monday. We will do our best to give accurate and good answers.

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5Watt ($148), 7.5Watt ($208), 10Watt ($268), 15Watt ($388), Green Couple pack ($450)


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