2. YKSM_4mm-4mm-0.5V-5mA_

$ 1.40$ 301.00


0.5V 5mA   

Dimensions (W x L x  H) :  4mm x 4mm x 2mm / Weight : 0.05 g

YOLK’s product line of solar modules ‘YKSM’ is high efficiency mono-crystalline solar modules in a surface mount package.



1. Data sheet


YKSM 4-4-0.5-5 121KB 130 downloads



2. Price




*Core solar cell: It is a single-cell solar module with a minimum unit voltage of 0.5V. There are now three types of core solar cells, each ampere being determined by its size. All the three types of solar cells can be tested with the test kit “YKSM-TUD001”.

*Extended Solar Module: When a type of core cell of the same ampere value are connected in series, different sizes of modules are created and they are called the “Extended Solar Module.”

YOLK has 21 standard modules, where 4 are main Core cells, and 17 are Extended Solar Modules of different sizes. Each specification is shown in the table below:


*If other than the above standard modules are in demand, YOLK can produce customized size and shape upon request. 

* Flat shipping fee : $19.
Parcels are mainly shipped by FedEx. Depending on the destination country, DHL or EMS(International service) can be used.
Taxes vary depending on the destination country. For further details refer to Terms and Conditions.






Additional Information

Weight 0.05 kg
Dimensions 1.6 x 0.4 x 0.2 cm

1. one piece ($1.4), 2. 10 pieces ($13.7), 3. 50 pieces ($66.50), 4. 100 pieces ($127.40), 5. 250 pieces ($301)