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[MRV THE BUZZ ] Combining Technology and Design : Solar Paper

By 2017년 June 20일 NEWS, PRESS No Comments

The World’s Thinnest & Lightest Portable Solar Charger Meant To Charge Anything Pluggable To USB.

“I think the special part of our company is the synergy between technology and design,” says Sen, CEO of YOLK.  Sen’s company makes products that use solar power.  Their most recent product is “Solar Paper, the world’s thinnest & lightest solar charger.”  Solar Paper is meant to be a portable kind of solar power used to charge anything that can be charged by a USB.

Sen started YOLK in 2012.  She comes from a product design background, having studied at the Art Institute of Chicago and in Italy, and is now based in South Korea.  She became interested in solar power because “I saw the potential of solar power and was interested as a designer,” Sen explains, “It is like an empty canvas so I can try many new things.”  Also, she points out that solar power is very amazing because “It is fair and equal to everyone.  You don’t have to be from a wealthy country to use the sun.”  The name YOLK comes from egg yolk as “the yolk is the nutrients in an egg and it looks like the sun, which can give us nutrients like energy,” Sen says……[MORE: MRV THE BUZZ]

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