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Innovative tech for a brighter world



How does it work? The Solar Cow – one of Time Magazine’s top 100 inventions of 2019 – is a solar charging system installed in schools in rural off-grid areas in African countries, with a current focus in Tanzania. Solar Cows allow kids to charge portable batteries, called Solar Milk, while they attend class and take them home at the end of the school day. Each battery is fitted with a light and charging port to act as a power bank for simple devices such as phones and radios at home.

Many kids are unable to attend school because they have to work to support their families—either by earning an income or helping with household chores. – Solar Cows tackle this problem. These batteries are so effective, it’s almost like teleporting kids to school!



Many low-income families rely on kerosene lighting and relatively expensive charging stations to meet their energy needs. this green energy is a tangible incentive for them to send their kids to school instead of work. The energy budget of the average Kenyan household takes up to 15% of their monthly income, so saving money on electricity is a great benefit.

This system has been designed to fit into and enhance kids’ existing routines – by transporting batteries to their homes on their daily school commute.

Tackling two problems at once  Meeting the families’ short-term energy needs also helps them to break out of poverty in the long term by providing kids with an education, creating fundamental change in their lives. Education enables people to improve their own lives, instead of relying on external assistance.


See the impact


What’s more, backers who select the Give+data option will be shown the data of kids using their Solar Milk. Each battery given to kids in Africa has a unique ID code, which the Solar Cow records every time it is used. This allows supporters to see the real impact of their purchase for a better world.

Backers can enter their email address and a unique ID code on the Solar Cow online platform to link to the Solar Milk they give. After implementation of Solar Cow, one month of data will be recorded and delivered via email.

With Kickstarter funding, we will be able to launch this very new project to track our impact. Delivering individual and real data of our users in Africa to our backers is something that no other project has yet tried. Given that transparency is a key concern when it comes to action in developing countries, this feature helps keep YOLK accountable and demonstrates that your purchase is being put to good use.


Awards & media coverage 



YOLK has received widespread media coverage and several awards for Solar Cows, including from Time Magazine, an innovation award from the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and placing in the top three at the Green Tech Awards, all in 2019. In 2018, we also won the aid innovation challenge at AidEx, as well as the iF Social Impact award. Our grants and partnerships include the P4G Partnership Award, the Korea International Cooperation Agency Creative Technology Solution Program, and a partnership with Energy4Impact.


 Solar Milk battery & light for everyday life

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 Solar Milk is anexcellent flashlight, with six hours of power each time it is charged.It can also be used as a handy power bank to charge cell phones.

When you press it for a long time, it will turn on the light, and short clicks will switch the mode between bright and dim lighting.
Solar Milk battery is made of 2,900mA Lithium ion battery from LG. Solar Milk batteries and lights are made in Korea.

YOLK developed a custom; so parents must send kids to school in order to charge the Solar Milk battery and it also helps to prevent misallocation of the batteries for other. We will be sure to send a Solar Milk that can be charged through regular USB-C for our Kickstarter backers so they can use it at home.

Lighten up your camping with Solar Milk light.


Package tells a story by itself. When opening it up, impacts that Solar Cow achieved is printed like a ray of the Solar Milk light.


Solar Milk set


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